Access Server Daemon Status and Control

Run the commands below on your Access Server console, with root access from /usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts/.

Get live, detailed, low-level VPN status information from the OpenVPN daemons (JSON format):

./sacli VPNStatus

Show the number of users currently connected to the VPN:

./sacli VPNSummary

Show the status of internal Access Server services:

./sacli status

Stop internal Access Server services:

./sacli stop

Start/restart internal Access Server services:

./sacli start

The 'start' command is smart in the sense that if the Access Server is already running, and you modified the configuration via the Config DB, only those services whose parameters are changed will be restarted. Note that if you modify any parameters in the Access Server bootstrap configuration file (/usr/local/openvpn_as/etc/as.conf), you will need to do a full unix restart in order for those settings to take effect.

Also note that the start/stop commands above don't actually start or stop the Access Server daemon itself, only internal services within the daemon. To start/stop the access server daemon itself, use the traditional unix syntax:

Start the Access Server daemon:

service openvpnas start

Stop the Access Server daemon:

service openvpnas restart

Restart the Access Server daemon:

service openvpnas restart