OpenVPN Security Advisory: Dec 14, 2018
Action needed: Important update for OpenVPN Access Server

Leverage the Power of a VPN for Mac OS

Discover how you can connect Access Server with MAC OpenVPN Access Server, used by Fortune 500 companies and downloaded by millions, is the most trusted solution for enterprises. Our desktop client software is directly distributed from our Access Server User portal. Click VPN for MAC below to get started.


Providing OpenVPN Access Server on your operating system of choice

While a private network has the security advantage of isolating your critical IT services from the Internet, it can be costly to extend to different sites, devices, and users. That’s where we come in. Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides the ideal solution for extending private network services while maintaining security.

Businesses rely all too much on its employees to keep things secure. While more companies are beginning to adopt cyber security policies, a recent OpenVPN survey discovered 25 percent of employees reuse the same password for everything. And 23 percent of employees admit to very frequently clicking on links before verifying they lead to a website they intended to visit.

With OpenVPN, You’re In Good Hands

As we created the industry-standard VPN protocol, you can trust OpenVPN to guide your team to security with confidence.

Why use OpenVPN Access Server

Our Access Server is trusted by a long list of successful companies. Google, Amazon, Samsung, and more than 100,000 others choose OpenVPN because we bring together simplicity of use, powerful security, and unmatched scalability.


Rock solid, hardened, and scalable VPN server that is easy to set up and manage


Cloud Application Marketplace availability for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud


Support for both site-to-site and remote access virtual networking


Economical licensing model that is based on the number of concurrent connected devices


Cross-platform VPN Clients and our VPN Server solutions provide flexible deployment to a multitude of network configurations


Built on OpenVPN code, a critical open source project that is held to the highest standards by our community

Businesses of all sizes face different challenges, and how they serve their customers is unique. No matter your product, a business is responsible for delivering it in a safe and secure way. But how would a company find a way to increase its workforce productivity so they can scale and serve more people? Read our whitepaper demonstrating real-world examples of how companies connected their mobile workforce to their internal network by using our VPN.

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