How to Launch Access Server on Microsoft Hyper-V

Sean walks you through launching Access Server on Microsoft Hyper-V. Follow this simple tutorial to setup a Virtual Hard Disk with an Ubuntu image and you can configure your VPN in minutes.

In this tutorial

This tutorial guides you through setting up Access Server using Microsoft Hyper-V.

In this tutorial:

  1. Sign into our website or create an account.
  2. Click Get Access Server and find the Microsoft Hyper-V virtual appliance.
  3. Download the VHD image.
  4. Launch Hyper-V Manager.
  5. Set up an external virtual switch.
  6. Create a new virtual machine with the Access Server VHD.
  7. Disable Secure Boot.
  8. Connect to the console and sign in as root.
  9. Set a static IP address.
  10. Run the Access Server configuration tool, ovpn-init.
  11. Sign into the Admin Web UI for your Access Server.
  12. You can now add a subscription, create users, configure routing, and more.

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