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The CISO Brief

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This week: Microsoft announces they suffered a data breach. Enterprise companies are being targeted by a business email scam harnessing a Trojan. With over 160,000 data breaches since GDPR came into force, what happens next? — plus much more.


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Three Ways To Offer Accountability Your Team Actually Wants

Accountability should not be a synonym for micromanaging. Rather, accountability can be one of the most valuable tools for building an engaged, thriving team who cares about their work and pushes themselves to grow.

Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN, explains three ways to offer accountability to your team:

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Cloud Security Tip

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is more sophisticated than everyday malware and tends to be deployed against larger targets. It is designed to penetrate a network and operate while hidden for a long time, all while receiving commands from an outside agent.

Managed service providers who oversee and maintain cloud infrastructure for their clients can become a natural target.