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The CISO Brief

The latest news in cybersecurity — get the top stories every week in the Networking and Cloud Security space.

This week: A data breach at Altice USA Inc. affected all current and some former employees. A large South African bank suffered a data breach due to a third party service provider. Explore nine essential elements to network security. — plus much more.


The latest in Network Security News.

Protecting Gig Employees & Remote Workers with a VPN

The rapid growth of both the gig economy and flexible, remote workforce has led to a revolution for employment. However, supporting a distributed workforce comes with its own technological difficulties.

Here’s how to launch the OpenVPN Access Server AMI to secure your remote workforce. Learn more.

Cloud Security Tip

“It becomes a topic of strategy, to be discussed by the C-suite and the IT department together to prioritize the most important #data sets and to assign the appropriate resources to its ongoing maintenance,” explains Steve Prentice.