No flaws found in OpenVPN software. Our response to the CVE-2019-14899 vulnerability report.

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This week: Macy's customer payment details stolen in a week-long data breach. A tricky new malware campaign that steals sensitive data from browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. More than 1 million people exposed in T-Mobile data breach — plus much more.


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KNOB Attack

“Bluetooth is a convenient and easy method of sharing data between devices, which, of course, qualifies it as a prime target for exploitation. A trio of researchers has discovered a vulnerability that has the potential of attacking billions of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including phones, laptops, IoT and IIoT technologies.” - Steve Prentice

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A layered defense is the best defense, and combining VPN with proxy helps you address different threat areas. Here are three of those areas: access control, increased productivity, and reduced attack surface. Implement a VPN and Proxy into your network security.