No flaws found in OpenVPN software. Our response to the CVE-2019-14899 vulnerability report.

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This week: Landry’s data breach affects more than 60 restaurant chains across the US. A university in the Netherlands suffered a massive ransomware attack that took down almost all Windows systems and particularly affected the University’s email services. Seven tips to make your business more secure in 2020 — plus much more.


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Secure Payment Systems with OpenVPN Access Server

Every time your customers submit payment information to you, they are placing their financial security in your hands. They are trusting you to protect them — and betraying that trust, even inadvertently, can cause them to lose confidence in your entire organization.

Cloud Security Tip

Passwords and challenge questions are insufficient to keep hackers from prying into your accounts, not only to steal what’s there, but to use that access to get into other places.

Two-factor authentication, also called 2FA, is vital and should be considered the default in online security, not a fancy option.