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The CISO Brief

The latest news in cybersecurity — get the top stories every week in the Networking and Cloud Security space.

This week: An Australian bank suffers a data breach. A warning to discontinue the use of Windows 7 for banking and email purposes. As enterprises continue to wait for a patch, a Citrix vulnerability was found in yet another product — plus much more.


The latest in Network Security News.

Triaging Cybersecurity: What To Do When You Can’t Do It All

With limited resources, how do you choose which cybersecurity measures are a priority — and which will have to wait?

Francis Dinha explains why doing something is better than doing nothing:

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Cloud Security Tip

“Exploitable weaknesses are often measured in decades, which is not a comforting thought. But this is a reality that exists in at least two major IT ecosystems — Microsoft and firmware.” - Steve Prentice