Adding VPN Connections

Whether you are an existing customer or new to OpenVPN, we are here to help you provide and extend your remote workforce capabilities. Take a look at our FAQs or reach out to the team for more answers and assistance.

Licensing FAQ

The licensing system counts the number of active VPN connections. It does not look at how many user accounts you have, but rather how many connections are active at the same time.
To activate your license key, please reference the license key activation tutorial.
To add additional connections to the server you simply need to purchase a new license key for the desired number and place it on the server. The keys will aggregate to provide the total number of connections. There is no limit to the number of keys that can be placed on a single server.
Payment can be made by wire transfer, credit card, and PayPal.
We provide various volume discounts depending on the number of desired connections. Please contact for a quote.
If submitting a purchase order, we can deliver the license keys as soon as we receive the order. If purchasing directly from the portal you will get your keys automatically and immediately.
We issue license keys based on a minimum of a 1-year term.
There are no limits on the number of license keys that can be activated on the same server. The keys will aggregate to provide the total number of connections.

New To OpenVPN?

OpenVPN Access Server delivers an enterprise VPN solution for businesses of all sizes. With this single solution, organizations can protect data communications, secure IoT resources, implement access control and network segmentation, and provide encrypted remote access to on-premise, hybrid, and public cloud resources. This allows organizations to continue normal operations while preventing the spread of illness.

The OpenVPN Access Server licensing model is based on the number of active VPN connections — allowing OpenVPN to provide businesses of any size with an affordable and scalable solution. OpenVPN Access Server is free to install and use for 2 simultaneous VPN connections for testing purposes.

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