How to Launch OpenVPN Access Server on Oracle Cloud

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How to Launch Access Server on Oracle Cloud

Our IT Operations Engineer, Justin Leber, walks you through launching OpenVPN Access Server on Oracle’s cloud marketplace. Follow this simple tutorial to launch a Stack with an Ubuntu image of OpenVPN Access Server and you can configure your VPN in minutes.

In this tutorial

This tutorial guides you through setting up OpenVPN Access Server on your Oracle Virtual Cloud Network.

  1. Choose OpenVPN Access Server BYOL from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  2. Step through the installation to launch the stack
  3. Fill out stack information and variables
  4. Under Application Configuration, the username and password will be what you use to login as an admin to Access Server’s Admin Web UI
  5. (optional) Enter an Activation Key if you’ve purchased additional connections
  6. Click Create and give time for security groups, instances, etc to be created for your stack
  7. Under Application Information, you can go directly to the Admin Web UI by clicking on Login to Administrator
  8. Login with your credentials previously created and you’re set up to configure your VPN