Tasks Over Time: OpenVPN’s Yurii Opanasenko on Prioritizing Productivity

Here at OpenVPN, we have a motto that “every team member is a co-owner of the company.” Yurii Opanasenko, the OpenVPN New Billing Product Manager, explained what this means: “In a small or mid-size company, every person can see how their particular efforts help the company grow and flourish. Moreover, if everyone around you is […]
September 4, 2020
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Rapid Scaling: OpenVPN’s Johan Draaisma on Navigating Through Growth

When Johan Draaisma, the Access Server manager, first started working at OpenVPN, the company consisted of just a small team. “Until I experienced the company’s rapid growth and saw it transform from one small team to a large company with several teams, I didn’t fully realize how effective our small team was.” Johan explained that […]
September 2, 2020
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WFH: Behind the Scenes

If you’ve never worked remotely, you might have grand ideas in your head of what it’s like. Wake up, drink coffee, meditate, and work from a peaceful and beautiful location, free from distractions and interruptions.  That’s a really lovely idea — and sometimes it works! But more often than not, it doesn’t quite go that […]
August 31, 2020
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Building Teams That Work

OpenVPN’s Andriy Revin On Recruiting and Retaining The Right People
August 28, 2020
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Being SMART in Business

OpenVPN’s Martin Zapata on Training and Efficiency
August 26, 2020
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