How to Secure SaaS Connections with Access Server

Sean shows you how to increase your security and control over connections to SaaS applications with Access Server.

In this tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to improve your control over connections to SaaS applications for employees, vendors, or partners, using Access Server. This improves maintenance of secured connections by removing the need to update a lengthy allow-list of IP addresses and replace it with one allowed IP address: the Access Server's public IP address. Adding this layer of security helps to shrink your attack surface.

How to secure SaaS application access with Access Server

  1. Add the Access Server public IP address to your SaaS application's allow list.
  2. Find the published IP addresses of your SaaS application.
  3. Add the SaaS app IP address to the VPN Settings in the Admin Web UI.
  4. Save the configuration.
  5. Now users must be connected to the VPN to sign into your SaaS application in addition to their user credentials.