readers were asked to share and vote for their favorite VPN tool and the winner was OpenVPN.

OpenVPN got 29% of the vote ahead of Windows VPN which got 19% of the votes as well as Cisco VPN who got 13% of the vote.

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"OpenVPN simply outshines its competition!" InfoWorld 2007

With a code base that delivers extreme flexibility in networking capabilities, it is interesting to note that OpenVPN was recognized in the Security category for the 2007 InfoWorld BOSSIE (Best of Open Source Software) awards.

Marrying flexibility and easy-of-use with uncompromising security has always been a top challenge of any IT endeavour. Telethra will continue to build on the success of its product with the upcoming release of OpenVPN Pro, taking an acclaimed solution even further. OpenVPN Pro will extend the existing OpenVPN software, and put the Open Source success of OpenVPN in the hands of a larger segment of the population with easy installs and configurations. Veteran users will benefit also, seeing their deployment and management times cut significantly.

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"OpenVPN our Bossie winner for best SSL VPN, is the open source champion of secure connectivity. OpenVPN simply outshines its competition. It can be used to secure site to site links, remote access connections, and Wi-Fi networks, providing load balancing and fail-over capabilities. It runs on a wide range of operating systems and is supported by numerous open source projects and commercial products. And OpenVPN supports all ciphers and key sizes supported by OpenSSL, giving it tremendous flexibility."

-- Tom Bower, InfoWorld -- September 2007