What is your refund policy on license keys?

We offer refunds on any purchased license key that has not been activated on a server and is still valid (not expired). To do so, please contact us on our support ticket system and mention that you want to request a refund, and mention the unused license key, the primary holder's email address and primary holder's contact name, as well as the order number associated with the license key. Upon validation of your information, we will then proceed with making a refund to the original method of purchase and revoke the license key in question.

Refunds are not given for used licenses, or licenses already activated on a server! This is because we assume that you are fully satisfied with the product before purchasing and applying the license key to the server. For this reason, you are highly encouraged to thoroughly test out the software using the fully functional demonstration mode that it automatically goes into when you do not install a license key, and which allows 2 simultaneous OpenVPN tunnel connections, before deciding to permanently purchase and activate a license key on your servers. If the 2 connections in the demonstration mode are not enough you can put in a request for a temporary trial key for more connections.