What is a license key reissue?


This is where we take an existing already activated license key, and remove it from our system (revoke it) and replace it with a new license key that can be activated on an OpenVPN Access Server installation. We call this a license key reissue, and it is to help people move a license from one server to another, or to resolve a problem that can occur when the hardware/software combination a license key has been activated on, has been altered. For example when you reinstall your server or when you replace hardware on a server (new mainboard, new network card, that sort of thing).

If you are using license keys that you have purchased from our openvpn.net website and they have suddenly stopped functioning then check the troubleshooting page regarding OpenVPN Access Server license key issues. In short if your license key used to work before but now suddenly doesn't, the license key is either expired or something has altered the hardware/software significantly enough to make the licensing system believe it is now running on a different system, and the license key is not valid for the new configuration.

We are only able to process license key reissue requests for the license keys that are valid, and not expired.

When a license key reissue is requested, we revoke the old key and issue a new one. The old key will function for up to 2 weeks, giving you time to migrate your settings and test your setup if you are currently working on migrating your installation from an old server to a new server. If after that 2 week period the old key is left on the old server installation and is still functioning, you could eventually get the problem where either the old or the new key ceases to function abruptly. So ensure that at the end of that 2 week period you have either decommissioned the old server, or removed the license key file from the file system of the old server, if you wish to keep the old server on.