What does the software license entitle me to?

With a license for the OpenVPN Access Server program you can unlock a certain amount of simultaneous VPN tunnel connections to your OpenVPN Access Server installation. You also get access to our professional support via the support ticket system. You are expected to provide your own server with the OpenVPN Access Server program installed on it, or to hire a server or a cloud based virtual system like Amazon AWS or such with the OpenVPN Access Server program installed on it.

If your Access Server is not licensed, it will only function in a sort of demonstration mode where only 2 simultaneous VPN connections are allowed. To allow more, a license is required.

Please also note that having a license does not mean you can connect to one of our servers. A license key is meant for an OpenVPN Access Server installation on a server you provide and manage. Purchasing and having a license key does not mean that you can connect to openvpn.net with your OpenVPN client program. That is not a service we offer on openvpn.net. However if you are looking for a VPN termination service where you can connect your computer to an already existing VPN server for the purposes of securing your Internet traffic, take a look at our offering called Private Tunnel instead. But if you want to set up your own OpenVPN server based on our OpenVPN Access Server product, and need more than 2 simultaneous connections, then purchasing a license for OpenVPN Access Server is the way to go.