My credit card was not accepted, how can I make a purchase now?

Our credit card payment processor has security features built in that try to filter out any suspicious transactions. Given how credit cards work, and how sometimes credit card information can end up being stolen or leaked, it is necessary for these automated security procedures to be in place. However, in rare cases, it is possible that your completely legitimate payment attempt gets blocked by such an automated anti-fraud system.

One thing that can affect this process is for example using a credit card from one country in another country. Or sometimes when the system thinks you are behind a proxy server, trying to hide your real online identity, it can block you. This detection is automated and not entirely flawless. Unfortunately there is very little on our end that we can do about this automated anti-fraud system, it is not managed by us, it is managed by the company that handles the credit card transactions.

There is however the option of using a PayPal account to do the payment. Creating a PayPal account is completely free, and you can connect your credit card or in many countries even a bank account to your PayPal account to use that to get the funds through PayPal to us. PayPal itself will generally want to do some verification steps to make sure you are truly the owner of this credit card or bank account, and once that verification process is done and the credit card or bank account is registered in your PayPal account, you can then use the PayPal payment option on our website during checkout to do the payment. PayPal will then handle the transaction and get the funds to us. This transaction is immediate, just like with a credit card payment directly, and you will be issued the license keys immediately.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to do the purchase online, you can choose to submit an offline purchase order with our sales department, although a minimum amount of 100 device connections in total is required for such a manual handling of a license key purchase order. The sales department will then wait for you to complete the payment before the license keys are provided to you.