Is there a trial version available?

Yes, there are multiple ways of trying Access Server without paying for a software license.

The OpenVPN Access Server can be downloaded from our website and installed on any compatible Linux operating system, and during installation you may be asked for an activation key, but if you do not provide one, it will allow 2 simultaneous VPN connections. All functionality is available and there is no time limit. However, you are limited to only 2 simultaneous active VPN tunnels to the Access Server. This allows for testing all the functions of the Access Server without having to pay for a software license. So if you want to try out the Access Server, install Access Server on your Linux OS or choose any of the other available Access Server deployment options and you can start testing. Upon request we will also grant a free temporary trial subscription license for a larger number of connections if you require this for your testing purposes.

OpenVPN Access Server is also available on Amazon AWS as a ready-to-deploy system from the AWS Marketplace in 3 different types:

  1. One type is the BYOL licensing type OpenVPN Access Server instance which is known on the AWS Marketplace simply as "OpenVPN Access Server", and functions as described above when you do not provide an activation key. With the BYOL type no software licensing costs are added on Amazon AWS but you only pay for the Amazon AWS costs for the running instance.
  2. Another type are the Amazon AWS OpenVPN Access Server tiered instance licensing type instances which aside from Amazon AWS costs for running an instance also have licensing software costs which are shown on the right hand side on the AWS Marketplace when you click on a tiered instance on the AWS Marketplace. These are billed through Amazon AWS directly.
  3. The third type is the OpenVPN Access Server for 5 connected devices. This one is different from the others because it comes with a 7 day free trial for the licensing costs. This means that for the first 7 days of running this instance type you pay only the Amazon AWS costs for having the instance up and running, but no software licensing costs are added. If after 7 days you continue using the instance, software licensing costs are added.

Amazon AWS in most cases charges for the use of running an instance on their systems, and this is separate from any software licensing costs, so please be aware of this and understand that that component of the costs you pay on Amazon AWS, or for that matter any cloud provider, are not caused or billed by us. It's also important to note that if you launch a tiered instance of OpenVPN Access Server that is licensed for a number of connected devices, and leave it running even if you're not using it, will mean you are still incurring costs on Amazon AWS.