Is less than 10 connections on a license key possible?

Yes and no.

To clarify, 10 connections on a software license activation key is the minimum for the BYOL licensing system. A subscription start off as a free with 2 connections which is equivalent to an unlicensed Access Server. When you want more than 2 VPN connections then higher values are possible, but the minimum is 10 VPN connections. The software subscription license model however does allow to activate a single subscription on multiple Access Servers, so they can share the same subscription.

on Amazon AWS it is possible to use the Amazon AWS tiered instances licensing system and one of the instances we offer on the AWS Marketplace is available for 5 connections. It also comes with a 7 day free trial giving you the option to try the product out before paying software licensing costs. Please note that on Amazon AWS costs do apply for running an AWS instance. This tiered license instance for 5 connections is the smallest amount of license you can get for OpenVPN Access Server and applies only on Amazon AWS.