I have a license already, how to increase the amount?

That depends on the software licensing method used. If you do not know which software licensing method your Access Server is using now, you can consult our software licensing troubleshooting guide to determine this.

We have a subscription licensing model that can be managed from our website. If you have a subscription for OpenVPN Access Server, you can go to our website, find your subscription, and change the amount. You will either pay extra for additional connections, or be credited some amount if you lower the amount of connections on your subscription. This model is the most flexible and easiest to work with. It can be activated on a single or on multiple Access Servers, is perfect for automated deployments, LAN model failover, and clustering setups. You can easily adjust the amount of allowed connections from our website portal at any time.

We also offer OpenVPN Access Server on Amazon AWS on the AWS Marketplace as tiered instances. These are billed directly through Amazon AWS and you can recognize these on the AWS Marketplace because they have (xx connected devices) in the title of the offering on the AWS Marketplace. The amount of allowed VPN connections on these instances cannot be adjusted. This is due to a limitation in how licensing is implemented and billed directly through Amazon AWS systems. The only way to change the amount of allowed VPN connections on a tiered AWS instance is to switch to a newly launched instance in a different tier or of the BYOL type that allows you to use a software subscription license as described above. On Amazon AWS that means doing a launch of a new instance. In almost all cases it is possible to migrate your OpenVPN Access Server data so that already installed VPN clients do not need to be reinstalled or adjusted. It is important to note that you should try to associate the Elastic IP from the old instance to the new one, or if you were using a DNS host name for the VPN connections, to update that DNS record to point to the new IP of the new Access Server instance.

We also have the fixed license activation key method. With this, the amount of VPN connections allowed on a license key is fixed and cannot be changed. But you can add multiple fixed license activation keys on the same Access Server. So if you have a fixed license activated on your Access Server for 10 connections, you can add another one for 20 connections, to make a total of 30. They simply add up.