How to get started with the Connect Android app?

To use the Android OpenVPN Connect app, you need an OpenVPN profile to connect to a VPN server. OpenVPN profile files have an extension of .ovpn.

You can import a profile through the following methods:

  1. Import a .ovpn file:
    1. Copy the profile and any files it references to your device’s file system — ensure you put all files in the same folder.
    2. In the app, tap + > File > Browse.
    3. Import one profile at a time.
  2. Import a profile directly from OpenVPN Access Server:
    1. In the app, tap + > URL.
    2. Enter the URL for the Client Web UI of the OpenVPN Access Server.
    3. Tap Next.
    4. Enter your user credentials and any MFA, if needed.
    5. Tap Import.
  3. Import a profile from CloudConnexa:
    1. In the app, tap + > URL.
    2. Enter the URL for your Cloud user portal.
    3. Enter your user credentials and click Next.
    4. Select a VPN region.
    5. Tap Connect.

Once you’ve added a profile, that profile displays in your app. Tap on a profile’s toggle to connect to the profile’s VPN server. Once connected, Connection Stats display. To disconnect, tap the toggle.