How do i purchase a software license?

For OpenVPN Access Server, software subscription licenses are available on our website to unlock a certain amount of allowed VPN connections to it.

At the top right on our website you can login to the Access Server section of our website. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one for free. Once logged in you are taken to the Access Server Portal, where you can use the Buy Subscription button to buy a software subscription license for OpenVPN Access Server. You can indicate the size of the subscription and whether it should be paid yearly or monthly. Once the subscription has been paid for, which is a nearly instantaneous payment process, you will be presented with the possibility to get the subscription activation key. You can always later find it in the subscription overview by clicking on the subscription name. That key can then be activated on your OpenVPN Access Server to unlock a certain amount of concurrent VPN connections on that server.

If your needs are such that you wish to buy very large amount of connections, or you need a quote before you purchase, then contact