Can I submit tickets even I am not the holder of a license key?


If for example you work for a company that does have license keys, but you have your own account and do not have a license key on your account, then you still have the right to support. If you provide the following information when you contact us on the support ticket system, then we'll give you support as if you were the holder of the license key. We require the following information from non-primary license holders to ensure that these individuals are in fact authorized to make changes to the account, as well as to protect the privacy of our valued customers.

If you do not have a license key at all, and you do not work for an organization that has a license key, then you can still contact us. We do want to help prospective customers to get things configured while they are trialing the software of course, but we do reserve the right to withhold certain support to users that are not actually paying customers of our OpenVPN Access Server product.