Can I split up my activation key into smaller ones?

The OpenVPN Access Server can be licensed to accept a certain number of VPN connections. This can be through Amazon AWS tiered instances that are licensed and billed through Amazon, or through BYOL. The BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model allows you to set up your OpenVPN Access Server anywhere and then purchase and activate an activation key to unlock a certain number of connections. The activation key can be of a fixed license key type that unlocks a very specific amount of connections and cannot be adjusted afterwards, or through a subscription that can be adjusted at any time.

For the subscription model, you can manage changing the amount of allowed connections yourself. Simply go to our Access Server licensing portal and alter the amount of connections on your existing subscription and create a new one. For example if you have a 50 connection subscription key now, and you actually want it to be two subscription activation keys of 20 and 30, then simply edit the 50 connection subscription and change it to 20, and then purchase a new subscription for 30.

For the fixed license key model, this is possible only under certain conditions. The minimum size of a single activation key must contain 10 licenses. So if you purchase a single activation key for 30 connections, and you want to have it split up, you can have us convert it to a maximum of 3 activation keys of 10 connections each. We only consider requests to split fixed activation keys up if the activation key has not already been used for activating an Access Server. These fixed activation keys are single-activation only. To request your unactivated key to be split up contact us on the support ticket system.

To increase the amount of allowed connections on the fixed activation key model on an OpenVPN Access Server, you can activate multiple fixed activation keys on the same Access Server. They simply add up. So if you have 10 allowed connections on a server now with a fixed activation key, you can simply activate another key for 10, to get a total of 20 allowed connections.