Can I clone/image/copy my Access Server installation without affecting the licensed state?

If you have an AWS tiered instance that you launched from the AWS Marketplace with (xx connected devices) in the title, it will be licensed and billed automatically through Amazon AWS. In such a case you would see "AWS paid AMI" on the Activation page of your Access Server. These type of EC2 instances can be stopped, imaged, and then from the AMI image a new instance can be launched, and the resulting EC2 instance would be billed and licensed automatically as well.

If you have a subscription, monthly or yearly, on your Access Server, then you can make a copy of this machine just fine. The new copy would then also be licensed with the same subscription. You can have multiple Access Servers on the same subscription, but you can't have multiple subscriptions on the same Access Server.

If you have a fixed license key, then you cannot clone or copy your Access Server. Fixed license keys, recognizable for the fact that they are in the format of #EXA-MPLE-LICE-NSE#, can be activated on a server, but they then lock to that server's hardware/software combination and cannot be moved to another system. If this action has already occurred and you lost your original server, and your license key is now not working anymore, then your only recourse is to contact us for a license key reissue, assuming that your license key is valid and not expired. We can then provide you with a new key that you can use to use your license again.