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CloudConnexa Onboarding for Personal Use

CloudConnexa while predominately meant to provide secure networking solutions to businesses can also be used for personal cybersecurity. Cyber Shield provides protection from malware and other threats without needing to tunnel all internet traffic through CloudConnexa.

  1. After signup and selection of your Cloud ID you will see the Cloud Administration portal and will be asked if you wish to use CloudConnexa for business or for personal cybersecurity.

  2. On selecting Personal Use , the wizard configuration screens will take you through the following:

    • Step 1 provides information about Cyber Shield

    • Step 2 allows you to select the type of cybersecurity protection you want

    • You download the WPC client and configure it in Step 3

    • You can visit the Shield section in Step 4 and can change the content categories that are blocked or revisit them at a later time to check the collected statistics