OpenVPN Cloud: Enable Notifications for Private LDAP

Description: The customer would like to configure Private LDAP as the OpenVPN Cloud User Authentication and enable notifications. 

Resolution: The Owner and Admins have the right to enable LDAP notifications. Once configured, notifications will be sent to their email address.

Note: Before you can set up Private LDAP authentication, you must first either configure a network and connector with the same subnet as the LDAP server or create a host that has a connector that is installed on the LDAP server. 

There are two LDAP notifications:

  • LDAP Server Offline Warning
    Receive a notification, when LDAP Server is disconnected from  the WPC (LDAP Server’s Network or Host goes offline)
  • LDAP Server Connectivity Warning
    Notification about failed authentication events due to communication issues between OpenVPN Cloud and LDAP server

To enable Notifications:

From your OpenVPN Cloud Portal, go to Settings > Notifications > Edit. Enable by toggling the button for  "LDAP Server Offline Warning" or "LDAP Server Connectivity Warning". Click Update.

When the Private LDAP goes offline, the customer will receive an email.