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Video: Enable SAML for Access Server with Onelogin


Watch how to set up SAML authentication for Access Server (SP) with Onelogin (IdP).

This video shows the steps to set up SAML as your user authentication method for Access Server.

Date published:

Apr 21, 2023

Functionality covered:

Setting up SAML authentication for VPN users with Onelogin as the IdP


  • Access Server supports multiple authentication methods, including SAML.

  • From Access Server's Admin Web UI, gather the service provider (SP) information.

  • Sign in to Onelogin portal and add a new SAML custom connector.

  • Provide configuration details for the Onelogin app, such as the EntityID and ACS URL validator.

  • After creating the new app, gather details from the SSO tab.

  • Enter the Onelogin SAML app URL into the SAML page on the Admin Web UI.

  • (Optional) Set SAML as the default authentication method.

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