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Re: [Openvpn-users] Multihomed?

In message <4794D038.60206@xxxxxxxxxx>, Todor Boev <t.boev@xxxxxxxxxx>

> The tricky part is that I also want the laptop to be on the VPN so that
> it remains on the network while I travel around. As I understand it my
> laptop will at all times be on two IP networks: the current physical
> network and the VPN. However when I get back home each nigh the current
> physical network is provided by the wireless access point of my router.
> So my laptop will suddenly have two interfaces with IP's on the same
> network. I heard this is called to be "multihomed". My question is will
> this create any problems for me or things will just work?

There is a potential problems here, you may get a tunnelling loop. With a
Windows XP laptop you certainly will, which can be solved by manually
specifying interface priorities (Advanced button in the TCPIP properties

With a Linux laptop thing are more difficult as Linux will reply to ARP
requests for any owned address on any interface, with that interface's MAC

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