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Re: [Openvpn-users] redirect-gateway and Vista

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] redirect-gateway and Vista
  • From: James Yonan <jim@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 15:09:27 -0700


As a part of testing the just-released 2.1-rc5, I tested the following 
client configuration on Vista x86.  I ran the GUI with "run as 
administrator", then successfully connected.   The redirection was 
successful.  I verified by going to whatismyip.com and saw the server's 
IP address shown.

Note that because redirect-gateway requires routes to be added to the 
client's routing table, Vista will require that OpenVPN is running with 
administrator privileges.  This can be accomplished by running the GUI 
with administrator privileges, because when the GUI calls an OpenVPN 
process to start the tunnel, the administrator privileges are inherited 
the OpenVPN process.

dev tun
remote [host] 443
proto tcp
pkcs12 test.p12
tls-auth ta.key 1
ns-cert-type server
comp-lzo yes
verb 3
mute 500
mssfix 1350

# force redirect-gateway on the client,
# ignore pushed routes from the server
redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp

# OpenDNS servers
dhcp-option DNS
dhcp-option DNS


Matt Harmon wrote:
> Hi,
> 	This is an issue that I've experienced on Vista clients. At one
> point I was able to resolve it by switching to a different version of the
> driver file and having the account holder run the service as an
> Administrator. A subsequent install however, with the same technique,
> failed.
> 	I'm currently waiting for the next upgrade cycle for both OpenVPN
> and OpenVPN GUI to see if this will be addressed. (I'm not complaining about
> OpenVPN -- I have had a lot of compatibility issues with Vista, particularly
> in networking.) Of course, if anyone has any advice on the matter, like
> Jason, I would love to receive it.
> Matt Harmon
> Online Communications Associate
> Office of University Communications
> University of Arizona
> (Please note that this email only represents the position of the sender and
> not the position of the University of Arizona.)
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>> Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 16:00:31 -0500
>> From: "Williams, Jason" <JWilliams@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Subject: [Openvpn-users] redirect-gateway and Vista
>> To: <openvpn-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>> Hi All,
>> We're having a problem with Vista and the redirect-gateway command, in
>> short, it doesn't work. On our linux and XP clients we use
>> "redirect-gateway def1" in the .conf/.ovpn file and all our traffic is
>> pushed through the vpn to the server. On our Vista systems we can
>> establish a connection to the server and access resources through the
>> vpn but we are unable to force traffic through the vpn with
>> redirect-gateway. We've also tried using just "redirect-gateway" but
>> that creates an unusable connection and messes up the default gateway on
>> the Vista client.
>> Anyone else experiencing this problem? Any suggestions? The vast
>> majority of our clients use XP, but with more Vista laptops coming
>> online everyday I'm going to have to figure out this problem.
>> thanks,
>> Jason Williams
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