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Re: [Openvpn-users] OpenVPN and QEMU

Title: Re: [Openvpn-users] OpenVPN and QEMU
 Carlos Baiget Orts  wrote:

> As stated in my previous message I'm pretty sure now that the problem is the
> server not using the right ip for the client.
> I want to point that is the ip of the host machine for the qemu
> server, buy only from the perspective of the emulated machine, (detailed
> explanation of the set up here:
> http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/qemu-doc.html#SEC30)

> the true server address is 192.168.1.x, the same as the client. But I can not
> state a fixed ip for the client in the server configuration, as it is going
> to connect from several places.

This is perfectly normal and OK. This is how NAT works. QEMU will redirect
the packet to the correct client.

Besides, what exacly is the problem ?

Client not getting packets ?

Or server seeing replay packets ?


PS: What does "'ifconfig' is used inconsistently" mean , does anybody know ?