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Re: [Openvpn-users] Filter on tap device

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] Filter on tap device
  • From: Jan Just Keijser <janjust@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 16:56:42 +0100

Hi Marco,

did you try it without the 'client-to-client' statement? by default, 
client-to-client traffic should NOT work using either a 'tun' setup or a 
'tap' setup. If not, then either this is a bug in openvpn or you could 
add a patch to OpenVPN to make sure it blocks client-to-client traffic. 
Note that there is no method to selectively block traffic between 
clients, it's an All-or-Nothing option.
Yes, OpenVPN is written in C and is quite easy to read and patch. I've 
added a few patches myself without too many difficulties.



Marco Fretz wrote:
> thanks jjk
> i think thats the answer i was lookin for. i need this for my 
> broadcast gaming network project (i made another topic in the list 
> about that). and maybe i will distribute my own openvpn or patchs for 
> openvpn for that.
> but fact is that i cant filter client to client traffic on the tap 
> interface with iptables while using TAP and i need TAP :)
> openvpn is written in C, right? do u think there is a way to create an 
> API i can use to crontrol something like client to client rules in 
> openvpn runtime?
> Jan Just Keijser wrote:
>> Marco Fretz wrote:
>>> i think it wont work cause TAP "bridges" the clients together and 
>>> TUN with client-to-client routes the clients together... there is no 
>>> reason that traffic from client A to client B have to come out of 
>>> the tap interface. and so i cant filter with iptables cause the 
>>> forward chain only applies to forwarding traffic (from one to 
>>> another interface). right?
>> Right, the packet will never "leave" the openvpn server process (if I 
>> read the source code correctly).
>> However, the same openvpn source code also has this specific
>>  if (m->enable_c2c) { ... } else { ... }
>> block which suggests that it does support the (blocking of) 
>> client-to-client traffic.
>> cheers,
>> JJK
>>> anyways i ll try it :)
>>> thanks
>>> Jan Just Keijser wrote:
>>>> From reading the openvpn source code (file multi.c) I'd say that 
>>>> client-to-client is treated nearly the same for TAP or TUN 
>>>> connections (bridged tap connections are different). Of course, the 
>>>> easiest thing to do is to connect 2 clients *without* 
>>>> client-to-client and then try to ping each other.
>>>> HTH,
>>>> JJK
>>>> Marco Fretz wrote:
>>>>> hi
>>>>> but this is only in TUN mode isnt it? i cant find anything like 
>>>>> client-to-client in TAP mode. but for my needs i have to use TAP 
>>>>> instead of TUN
>>>>> thx
>>>>> marco
>>>>> Jan Just Keijser wrote:
>>>>>> hi Marco,
>>>>>> as long as you don't have the server directive
>>>>>>  client-to-client
>>>>>> in your server config file then clients should not be allowed to 
>>>>>> connect to each other.
>>>>>> HTH,
>>>>>> JJK
>>>>>> Marco wrote:
>>>>>>> hello
>>>>>>> ive got an openvpn server running with TAP. i want to block 
>>>>>>> traffic from client A to client B. client A and client B are 
>>>>>>> both connected over the same openvpn server process (same server 
>>>>>>> tap device)
>>>>>>> is this possible? can i block such traffic with iptables on the 
>>>>>>> tap0 interface on the openvpn server?
>>>>>>> i think that want be possible cause TAP is like Layer2 and the 
>>>>>>> packets may be forwarded inside the opevpn process and not over 
>>>>>>> the tap0 device

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