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Re: [Openvpn-users] OpenWRT and OpenVPN

Title: [Openvpn-users] OpenWRT and OpenVPN
I am running OpenVPN on my OpernWRT router in tun mode, similar as you.
To unblock the tun interface, I added these two lines to my iptables :
# allow tun to work
iptables        -A input_rule -i tun+  -j ACCEPT
iptables        -A forwarding_rule -i tun+   -j ACCEPT
Hope it helps.

From: openvpn-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Josh Rivel
Sent: čet 20-dec-07 16:59
To: openvpn-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Openvpn-users] OpenWRT and OpenVPN

I'm trying to get my Linksys WRT54G (v2) running OpenWRT/X-WRT.  We use
username/password authentication against our AD Servers internally, if I
openvpn from the CLI on the Linksys I can connect no problem and access
any of the networks at my job with no problem.

If I try and access them from a client connected to the Linksys (i.e. my
laptop) it never gets there.  A tcpdump on the tun0 interface does not
show any traffic being passed, so I'm sure it's just an iptables config
issue, but I can't seem to wrap my head around that convoluted syntax.

IP info:

laptop: (assigned via dhcp)
linksys: (br0), xx.xx.xx.xx (vlan1), assigned via DHCP
openvpn server: some.public.ip, (tun0), (pcn0)
internal network at work:

>From the linksys I can ping 192.168.1.anything with no problems, but not
from the laptop.

Here is the output of "iptables-save" on the linksys (attached)

I've also attached the openvpn config file from the linksys as well and
the OpenVPN server.

If I OpenVPN in from the laptop it works fine as well, but I want to not
have to do that and have an "always on" site-to-site OpenVPN connection
between my Linksys and the OpenVPN server at work.

I don't really think it's an OpenVPN config issue, but an iptables

Thanks in advance,