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[Openvpn-users] openVPN performance comparison numbers

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] openVPN performance comparison numbers
  • From: kt o <krt2941@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 20:03:51 -0800
  • Importance: Normal

I'm testing out OpenVPN 2.0.9 primarily because I want to securely access remote windows file shares.

I'm using Microsoft Virtual PC to validate my config before deploying it.  The virtual machine runs the client and the host machine runs the server.  Both machines are running windows xp xp2.

To test the performance, I'm using netperf 2.4.4.  Basically, the host machine runs "netserver", and the client virtual machine runs "netperf -H <ip address>".  I did at least 3 runs of netperf in a row.

Here are the numbers comparing no VPN, Hamachi, OpenVPN

Values are the Throughput in 10^6 bits/sec.
No VPN: 33.06, 32.68, 33.23
Hamachi: 16.01, 16.16, 16.02
Dev Tun plaintext, no-LZO OpenVPN: 10.89, 11.07, 10.84
Dev Tap plaintext no-LZO OpenVPN: 9.56, 9.29, 9.58, 10.05
Dev Tap encrypted, no-LZO OpenVPN: 9.09, 9.35, 9.30
Dev Tap encrypted, LZO-enabled OpenVPN: 9.17, 9.14, 9.14

Are these numbers consistent with other people's experiences?  It seems strange that OpenVPN performs so poorly - that a plaintext tunnel would still be 5*10^6 bits/sec slower than another VPN solution.

So I think I need to tweak something else but don't know how to determine what that is.  I'm admittedly new at this so any comment would be helpful.

I already have these settings:
tun-mtu 1500
tun-mtu-extra 32
fragment 1400
mssfix 1400

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