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[Openvpn-users] Problems with OpenVPN in OpenBSD

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] Problems with OpenVPN in OpenBSD
  • From: "Damian Rivas" <damian@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 17:01:04 -0300

Title: Mensaje
Hi people, I'm quite new to the Open Source World, and I'm having some troubles to build a VPN at work.
First I will tell you about the idea:
At work, I have a LAN with the following IP Addresses: The idea is to build a VPN so some employees can work from their homes, therefore I need the VPN clients to enter the LAN as if they were physically inside the network.
The clients use Windows OS, XP the most of them from their notebooks or home PCs. So I have multiple windows clients and therefore I need a VPN which allows them to get connected at the same time and if possible to see each other during the connection.
With all these ideas I started searching for howtos and guides and started to build the VPN server. I've installed OpenVPN on an OpenBSD firewall because I thought it was the best option for security measures. Of course it got a bit complicated and took me some time to install the server, but I managed apparently to do so, built the certificates for a test client and server with the easy-rsa scripts, the I'd installed the OpenVPN GUI on the Windows test client. And then I began testing.
The problem was always the same: the VPN connection had never been successful, first I got the error "Connection Reset By Peer" constantly, then I adjust the config files and only got an error with TLS Handshacking not being accomplished, I removed the TLS keys verifications, adjusted configuration again and again and I keep getting the "Connection Reset By Peer" error, and curiously I'm still getting TLS errors, although I had disabled(commented the respective lines in the config files) that feature. I'm getting a bit desesperate with this and I don't know how to solve it. If you can lend me a hand I will appreciatte it.
I'm attaching the config files for server and a client so you can see them. Here are the rules I added to the PF exclusively for OpenVPN:
#OpenVPN Filters #
pass in quick on xl0 proto udp from any to port = 1194
pass out quick on xl0 proto udp from port = 1194 to any
pass in quick on tun1 all
pass out quick on tun1 all
pass out quick on xl1 all
- xl0 is the NIC connected to the WAN and xl1 is the NIC connected to the LAN.
- is the IP of the OpenBSD Firewall/VPN Server on the Internet.
- tun1 is the interface I created for the tunnel. Yes, I have created the hostname.tun1 file on the /etc directory.
- 1194 UDP Port is the default OpenVPN uses for VPN traffic.
If you need further information of my PF rules, just ask me and I'll send you the file.
Another strange thing is that when I've installed the OpenVPN (all through PuTTY from a windows machine I use) and run the program with the config file:
"openvpn server2.conf"
For the first weeks I could see some output text, but the last times I tested there were no output at all, perhaps this is something normal but it is strange.
Please if you need more details or anything just ask me, I'm eager to finish this as soon as possible or my superiors will hang me because they want the VPN so badly xD.
Thanks in advance!!!

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