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[Openvpn-users] Multiple subnets connected with OpenVPN problem

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] Multiple subnets connected with OpenVPN problem
  • From: "Tony Cimello" <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 17:58:24 -0400

I’ve got three different companies that are on three different subnets, with three different Windows AD PDCs.  The VPNs are setup, and you can ping by IP between them.  You cannot resolve names however.  Also, when accessing the VPN from home, you can only access the “main” office, none of the others.  Because of this limitation I’m the only one who uses the OpenVPN, while my users have to use MS VPN PPTP  client.  Here’s the layout:


Company A:

IP:  GW:  PDC/DHCP Server:

Company B:

IP: GW: PDC/DHCP Server:

Company C:

IP: GW: DHCP Server(No domain controllers at this location)


So my problem is twofold.  How do I pass names between these locations, and how do home users access everything?