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Re: [Openvpn-users] vpn ip adresses that are public

Maximilian Wilhelm schrieb:
> Am Thursday, den 11 October hub Martin Bretschneider folgendes in die Tasten:
>>>> Yes, it is.
>>>> Im serving a complete subnet of public IP address to my clients.
>>> Could you post your config here?
>>> I tried that, but failed.
>> That would help ne too. I guess I am almost finished with my setup but
>> guess that OpenVPN sets wrong routes that I had to fix manually on both
>> the server and the client...
> Did you read the logs?
> Did you check the routing tables of server and client?

Yes, the routing of the client was the problem...

>> It seems to me that the OpenVPN setup is basically quite easy but the
>> routing setup is more difficult.
> That no rocket science at all...
> FWIW: I've put my configs to
> 	http://files.rfc2324.org/patches/openvpn/topology/

These both lines of your server.conf did it:

push "route <listen IP> net_gateway"
push "route <internal network>"

Thanks very much:)
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