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[Openvpn-users] vpn ip adresses that are public


I want to set up a OpenVPN server (using linux) that allows 
"roadwarriors" (mostly using MS Windows) to connect to a LAN with an ip 
range that is public, say

I have some general question:

1. It is possible to use IP-adresses of the public ip pool for the vpn 
users, let's say In the documentation I 
always see non public ip adresses like 10.* and so on?

2. It is possible to redistribute the whole set of DHCP-information 
(ip-address, subnetmask, DNS-server, gateway) out of the LAN to the 
roadwarrier? Reading the howto it seems that only DNS- and WINS-server 
is possible?

3. Let's say a road warrier has got an internet connection like cable 
modem or DSL and he gets from his provider or the provider's router an 
ip address. He then uses OpenVPN to connect the the OpenVPN-Server an 
gets an ip address like Only the traffic to the LAN 
( should go through the vpn. Is this routing possible on 
the windows client? I could not get this working mostly because I could 
not set the gateway for the vpn connection.
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