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Re: [Openvpn-users] DLL hell: libssleay.dll ordinal number 3873 problem when using OpenVPN and OpenSCs Windows SmartCard Bundle

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] DLL hell: libssleay.dll ordinal number 3873 problem when using OpenVPN and OpenSCs Windows SmartCard Bundle
  • From: "Reimer Karlsen-Masur, DFN-CERT" <karlsen-masur@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 09:55:31 +0200


I am forwarding this reply and request for help posted on the OpenSC Users
list from Andreas Jellinghaus, the maintainer of the OpenSC Windows
smartcard bundle installer:

Subject: Re: [opensc-user] DLL hell: libssleay.dll ...
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 21:40:46 +0200
From: Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Reimer-Karlsen Masur <karlsen-masur@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
References: <46F41CF4.1030104@xxxxxxxxxxx>


>> I crosspoested this to both lists since I got the feeling that the Windows
>> installer builder/maintainer of both packages (OpenVPN and Win-SCB) need to
>> coordinate how their package is linking into libssleay and therefore how to
>> build the libssleay DLLs for windows that each of the package can run on
>> its own but if used together will still work...

Thanks for your email. we could need lots of help with our windows installer
- I'm creating those files, but I don't have a windows machine myself, and
few possibilities to maintain and test them.

the linking chain is openvpn - openssl - engine_pkcs11 - libp11 -
opensc-pkcs11 - libopensc -  openssl and both copies of openssl
in this chain have to be exactly the same ones.

so this problem can only be solved with one person creating an installer
for both. but I'm not even a windows user, nor an openvpn user, so I don't
think it will work out great if I try - also I don't have much time for this.

but if anyone wants to give it a try, I will try to help as good as possible.

also if anyone reading this has experience with cmake, I would be very
interested to try that as replacement for our own home grown "Makefile.mak"
files. and/or replacing innosetup with nsis. or creating debug binaries (we
can't debug much without them on windows I guess). or updating putty (we
have quite an old version in scb). or using libp11 in putty-smartcard (same
code was used for both, most can be removed from putty-smartcard). or fixing
a number of known and easy to reproduce issues (remove dongle -> pageant
crashes. or try "view keys" with pageant).

unless anyone can invest some time in our smart card bundle it won't
improve. I can do only so much, and in the last weeks had almost no time,
neither for opensc nor for any other project. :(

Regards, Andreas
p.s. I'm not subscribed to openvpn-users, so I can't post there, but feel
free to forward my call for help to that list.


Which I have done...

Beste Gruesse / Kind Regards

Reimer Karlsen-Masur

DFN-PKI FAQ: https://www.pki.dfn.de/faqpki
Dipl.-Inform. Reimer Karlsen-Masur (PKI Team),   Phone   +49 40 808077-615

DFN-CERT Services GmbH, https://www.dfn-cert.de,  Phone  +49 40 808077-555
Sitz / Register: Hamburg, AG Hamburg, HRB 88805,  Ust-IdNr.:  DE 232129737
Heidenkampsweg 41, 20097 Hamburg/Germany, CEO: Dr. Klaus-Peter Kossakowski

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