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[Openvpn-users] DLL hell: libssleay.dll ordinal number 3873 problem when using OpenVPN and OpenSCs Windows SmartCard Bundle

  • Subject: [Openvpn-users] DLL hell: libssleay.dll ordinal number 3873 problem when using OpenVPN and OpenSCs Windows SmartCard Bundle
  • From: Reimer-Karlsen Masur <karlsen-masur@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 21:35:16 +0200


I was testing OpenVPN version 2.1_rc4 with smartcards using the OpenSC smartcard bundle (Win-SCB) version 0.10 for windows.

Both packages use the openssl/ssleay DLLs, linking them dynamically.

Therefore each package installer installs its "own" openssl/ssleay DLLs and puts their path into the PATH environment variable.

I made sure that no other ssleay DLLs where in the PATH or on the system than OpenVPNs and Win-SCBs.

But apparently the libssleay DLLs of OpenVPN and Win-SCB of the tested versions are no longer compatible to each other since starting OpenVPN with a OpenSC smartcard config turns into an error message about a missing ordinal number 3873 in some libssleay DLL.

Seems like the libssleay DLLs used by both packages are incompatible.

Tracking back I found out that version 0.7 of the Win-SCB is currently working with OpenVPN 2.1_rc4.

Versions 0.8, 0.9 and 0.10 of Win-SCB are producing above error when used by OpenVPN 2.1_rc4.

My guess is that something in the Windows build process of the Windows smartcard bundle of OpenSC changed, i.e. maybe it's a different version of openssl or some compiler flag that is using different ordinals than before or a different compiler (version) all together.

I crosspoested this to both lists since I got the feeling that the Windows installer builder/maintainer of both packages (OpenVPN and Win-SCB) need to coordinate how their package is linking into libssleay and therefore how to build the libssleay DLLs for windows that each of the package can run on its own but if used together will still work...

I hope this analysis will help fixing the problem eventually.

Thanks &
Kind Regards

Reimer Karlsen-Masur

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