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Re: [Openvpn-users] DHCP Server on Routed VPN

In message <46D82ED6.3050800@xxxxxxxxx>, Daniel L. Miller
<dmiller@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Can I use a DHCP3 server to assign IP's to routed VPN clients?  Or will
> it only work in bridged configurations?

You cannot use a DHCP server to assign IP's if the VPN is routed inside
OpenVPN, that is if "dev tun" and "mode server" (required if multiple
clients connect to one server, and implied by "server") is used. The main
problem here is that the DHCP server cannot control the routing by the
OpenVPN server.

You can use DHCP if the is VPN is bridged internally, even if it is not
bridged to anything else, i.e. "dev tap" is used. In this case you need a
DHCP relay agent or server on a host connected to the VPN, probally the VPN

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