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Re: [Openvpn-users] speed

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] speed
  • From: "Mira Suk" <mira.suk@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 00:55:08 +0200

>I don't think encapsulation and encryption make as much overhead as 20 
>extra minutes
>out of 30.

I also don't think. I must have setup something wrong, but I have no idea what, config file is as primitive as it can be.

>Have you been careful enough when you took the transfer times ? To have 
>no other
>downloads in the background, like maybe Windows update ? Or maybe your
>ISP allows high transfer rates to you for some time, after which it will 
>impose your
>traffic limit. Or maybe somewhere in between your endpoints the bandwith 
>may vary.
>To check if you get overhead measure bandwidth at the interface level. 
>In Windows
>look at Connection properties to see the number of bytes or packets 
>You will most likely see that the physical speed is also low when using 
>which would mean encryption takes too much time or you have a slow or
>computer. Or maybe the other end is slow or busy.

Well, openvpn service sits at 0% CPU usage all the time - and I'm almost sure server wasn't busy, at least task manager says so (system idle 10:38, uptime 10:41). 
Internet connection was unused (that says Firewall - only PC accessing internet was server with openVPN), openVPN and FTP shows only me in logs for today) Windows Update is disabled on server, and I have faster connection than openVPN server.
measuring traffic on interface is good idea but I don't believe it will change anything (maybe only if my PC decided to slow down two of three tests with the fastest one last) - but I will try. well I will probably measure on firewall for server.
benching, benching...

		               down server	up server      up client  down client     time/sec
FTP		            1547	     103851	    1820	 104006	      476 
FTP through VPN	5761		107354		5360	   108216	  704
time is better than was previously, maybe something really happened. 3.5x upload ? lots of ACKs I guess.
ok, seeing this, first thing I thought about is my connection upload - 4096/256 - however this should not be case for me, but maybe for users (they still sell connections like 2048/128 here). 
Also note that this behavior is not only for me - I don't use this VPN regularily (just for server maintenance) I just set it up for friend's company, users were the ones noticing this behaviour - "much" slower than FTP.
Anyway just to be sure I run bench of my and server connection and I got 22KiB while upload during transfer was 7,6KiB and download 417KiB while transfer was 153KiB, server have 242/238KiB. OpenVPN CPU usage 0% (both ends, I E6600@xxx server Dual Core Xeon@xxx x 2). oh well.

>Mira Suk wrote:
>> Hi,
>> openVPN 2.0.9
>> server Windows SBS 2003
>> clients Window XP / Vista
>> config
>> TUN, UDP , blowfish / compression on
>> Are following speeds normal (in that configuration) or should I look
for something wrong ? Any recommendations ? (note I tried disabling
compression but nothing changed - file was compressed and OpenVPN is smart
>> file download (one big file :)
>> File sharing through VPN         62 minutes
>> FTP through VPN                       53 minutes
>> FTP without VPN                        32 minutes
>> pings are great I would say.
>> ping through VPN                      ~23 ms 
>> ping without VPN                       ~19 ms
>> I have never troubleshooted slowness with OpenVPN, but this link is
slow (2MBit)... and I have not used win2K3 before (only linux and win2K)
>> Oh, and I noticed option "nice" is not implemented for windows
[SetPriorityClass, SetThreadPriority] can be used (If I haven't been too
lazy to dig in source, I wouldn't have hardcoded it), also CPU affinity
makes some small benefits under windows.
>> Thanks for any hints.
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