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Re: [Openvpn-users] speed

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] speed
  • From: Timothy Madden <terminatorul@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 23:06:55 +0300

I don't think encapsulation and encryption make as much overhead as 20 
extra minutes
out of 30.

Have you been careful enough when you took the transfer times ? To have 
no other
downloads in the background, like maybe Windows update ? Or maybe your
ISP allows high transfer rates to you for some time, after which it will 
impose your
traffic limit. Or maybe somewhere in between your endpoints the bandwith 
may vary.

To check if you get overhead measure bandwidth at the interface level. 
In Windows
look at Connection properties to see the number of bytes or packets 

You will most likely see that the physical speed is also low when using 
which would mean encryption takes too much time or you have a slow or busy
computer. Or maybe the other end is slow or busy.

Mira Suk wrote:
> Hi,
> openVPN 2.0.9
> server Windows SBS 2003
> clients Window XP / Vista
> config
> TUN, UDP , blowfish / compression on
> Are following speeds normal (in that configuration) or should I look for something wrong ? Any recommendations ? (note I tried disabling compression but nothing changed - file was compressed and OpenVPN is smart ;)
> file download (one big file :)
> File sharing through VPN         62 minutes
> FTP through VPN                       53 minutes
> FTP without VPN                        32 minutes
> pings are great I would say.
> ping through VPN                      ~23 ms 
> ping without VPN                       ~19 ms
> I have never troubleshooted slowness with OpenVPN, but this link is slow (2MBit)... and I have not used win2K3 before (only linux and win2K)
> Oh, and I noticed option "nice" is not implemented for windows [SetPriorityClass, SetThreadPriority] can be used (If I haven't been too lazy to dig in source, I wouldn't have hardcoded it), also CPU affinity makes some small benefits under windows.
> Thanks for any hints.
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