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[Openvpn-users] Tunnelblick would not start


I have a problem with Tunnelblick's 3.0 betas: both RC3 and B4.

I have configuration which is working on Windows with OpenVPN GUI. When I try
Tunnelblick on a fresh MacBook Pro, OS X 10.4.10, I can not start the app - the
large tunnel icon shows up and then ... disappears. I could not find any traces
in system logs either.

I have tried both running with ~/Library/openvpn configuration (copied from
Windows, client.ovpn copied to client.conf) and deleting ~/Library/openvpn.

No effect.

I understand it's beta but would really love not to run Windows specifically for

Could you help me out?

Any advice on things I can try to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.

Dmitriy <1-127-441 @ICQ, DKroot @Skype>
<DKroot1 @AIM, dkroot1_at_gmail_dot_com @Google Talk or @MSN, dk_root @Yahoo>

P.S. I am a switcher to Mac, so it is possible that I am doing something
incredibly wrong.

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