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[Openvpn-users] Open VPN compression not working

  Dear All ,

          I have configured open VPN in 2 windows boxes and it is working fine , i have used the default sample ovpn files in both server and client. I am trying to enable compression on the same VPN tunnel with comp-lzo ( in both server and client ) , the configuration is working fine , but i cant observe any compression in the tunnel .

I tried sending a 100 MB .txt file using FTP between my two machines and the observations were :

Without VPN : bytes received in 36.17 seconds 2888.57 kb / sec
With VPN : bytes received in 36.48s 3029.97 kb/sec
With VPN Compression ( that s with comp-lzo enabled on both cleint and server ) : bytes received in 32.19s  3246.10 kb/sec

I cant find my diffrence between any of these transfer rates .

Can some one guide me of where am i going wrong ?

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