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Re: [Openvpn-users] Upgrade to Centos-5 broke my OpenVPN

  • Subject: Re: [Openvpn-users] Upgrade to Centos-5 broke my OpenVPN
  • From: "Jason Frisvold" <xenophage0@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 00:25:55 -0400

On 5/28/07, Paul Wright <nerdmedic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have been running OpenVPN 2.0.9 on a Centos-4 box and it was working well
> until I upgraded the box to Centos-5 (I did an inplace upgrade using the
> Centos-5 DVD).  Now it won't start and reports the following error:
> Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.

CentOS 5 happily broke a few of my apps as well.  If you recompile
openvpn, it works fine..  :)

> Regards,
> nm
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