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[Openvpn-users] bridging question

Ok, so I have been playing around with setting up a bridging
connection and I have a question...

When I run the bridge-start script, all of my ethernet connections are dropped.

OpenVPN (single nic - linux)

I was reading on hte bridging page, and came accross this:

A common mistake that people make when manually configuring an
Ethernet bridge is that they add their primary ethernet adapter to the
bridge before they have set the IP and netmask of the bridge
interface. The result is that the primary ethernet interface "loses"
its settings, but the equivalent bridge interface settings have not
yet been defined, so the net effect is a loss of connectivity on the
ethernet interface.

Now I suspect that is what is happening.

Should I not be able to just run the script and start openvpn? When i
do my SSH stops responding until I tear down the bridge.

Now could it be that my NIC has a static assigned to it prior to the
bridge being configured?

Thanks for the help.

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