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Re: [Openvpn-users] OpenVPN client and Zerina-IPCop

> I am new to OpenVPN.
> I want to install OpenVPN on a remote WindowsXP client
> and connect to the Zerina-IPCop system.

I don't know the Zerina-IPCop system but...

> After I have established that connection, how can I make
> an application on the remote WindowsXP send its requests
> to server "N" behind the Zerina-IPCop system?
> (As opposed to its current direct broadband internet connection.)

It's the route table on your client that will choose to send the 
packets to
the virtual TAP interface which is in fact the VPN tunnel.

When you connect to the openVPN server, the TAP or TUN interface
is given an @IP and netmask plus optionnal routes to the
opvVPN-server internal networks. These routes will have a
higher priority than your usual default route to internet
for networks that are inside your private domain.



Thanks, that helps.

After the connection to the OpenVPN server (IPCop) is
established, let us assume that the following are
running on the remote WindowsXP client:

1. Opera Browser
2. ssh (putty)
3. ftp client
4. Skype

But we want just the ftp client to utilize the OpenVPN to access
our private ftp server inside our Green zone.

We want Opera, putty and Skype to NOT use the OpenVPN connection
at all and instead use the direct broadband internet connection.

Given the new routes and the priorities -
How can the ip, netmask and routes be applied to
just the ftp client application?


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