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Re: [Openvpn-users] DHCP via OpenVPN

Hi again!

> > Now my questions are:
> > Do I need bridging for making the DHCP server work in the VPN?
> > How should the configuration files look like?
> You __do not__ need bridging for making the DHCP server work in the VPN
> environment!

Thank you. I think many people appearently do not know that bridging is not 
needed to make it work. So many have told me I had to set up bridging...

> Your server and client should use the tap device to communicate. Did
> you establish that connection? Remove the line:
> server-bridge
> from your ``server'' configuration file. The vpn communication still
> should work! Make sure the dhcpd is listening on the tap device and
> assigns IP appropriately. Make sure the dhcpd updates the named.

It took me a few moments to recognize that the dhcpd only listens on tap0 if 
it is started afterwards. I could have guessed that...

> Now depending on what you want to do, it can be handy to have a bridge
> between the tap device of the server and the normal NIC. It can also be
> handy to have a separate subdomain for the vpn clients or not. Make up
> your mind!

I am. Thanks for your suggestions. You pointed out some useful things.
Finally i got it working...


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