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[Openvpn-users] route single address through vpn

I live and work in China, and the internet connection to the rest of the 
world is, er, 'complicated', such that some internet sites are not 
accessible - for example, www.swimman.com.

We have a VPN connection with our office in California, but each of our 
offices has it's own gateway - ie only LAN traffic is routed - and this 
works fine.

Is there some way I can route specific hosts through the VPN to go to 
the other gateway?

To start with, I'd like to try this for a single host on the Chinese LAN 
and for a single address, and so I was trying things like :

# route add -host gw <remote gateway>

where <remote gateway> is the IP address of the gateway in CA; but it 
tells me :

SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

I can ping <remote gateway> without any trouble.

What am I doing wrong?

Since I would eventually like to do this for all hosts on the Chinese 
LAN and for a list of 'several' otherwise inaccessible internet 
addresses, is there a better approach?


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